All4pets K-9 Allergy Aid Powder 100g


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K-9 Allergy Aid Powder

A Specially formulated supplement that boosts the immune system & helps as an AID in allergic conditions

K-9 Allergy Aid contains selective ingredients which have anti oxidative property, anti-inflammatory property, sooths gastro intestinal problems, augment the diet of the pets. All these properties in the supplement support the healthy immune system.

A healthy immune system kills bacteria and fungus, gives sense of well-being and works in fighting allergic conditions.

K-9 Allergy Aid promotes healthy gut lining, which makes probiotics and nutrients more bio available.

K-9 Allergy Aid Powder Composition:

Each 4 g powder contains:

Colostrum   -500mg,

Organic Turmeric  -250mg,

Salmon Oil  -50mg,

Organic Licorice Roots  -100mg,

Vitamin C (Absorbic Acid)  -100mg.

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