All4pets Dog Cage No.5 (42.8 Inch)


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Sturdy metal construction

Cage Dimension: L*W*H = 42.8″*29.6″*34″

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BRAND: All4Pets,

All4pets Dog Cage No.5 (42.8 Inch)

Sturdy metal construction

Dog Cage No.5 Dimension: L*W*H = 42.8″*29.6″*34″

All4pets provides the best pet accessories for your loving pets because we know how much love and effort you put on making your pet always healthy, hygienic and happy.

This dog cage is ideal for both puppies and adult dogs you should choose a cage that will comfortably accommodate your adult dog or the size of your puppy once fully grown.

All4pets provides you dog cage that is easier seizure to your pet and keeps everything within apprise when cleaning or affirming bedding.

The cage features is of durable metal-wire construction for strength and unsurpassed ventilation and visibility.

This crate for dog is simply folded crate flat that raise the one-piece sides.

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