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All4pets Cream Conditioner is a remarkable conditioner that can be used in three different ways: As an all over conditioner right after you’ve washed your dog; Apply it all over you will feel the difference as you brush and you will see the difference once you dry. After bathing as a spot relaxer for particular stubborn mattes & tangles; Just apply on the problem areas to make brush out easier for you & less stressful for your dog.

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WHY CREAM CONDITIONER?The product contains Panthenol that conditions and makes combing and brushing easy, separates the hair and gives a professional “groom” and removes tangles and helps prevent tangles. It is made up of High quality fragrance oils last for days. About Product Detangling, leave in conditioner with lavender & chamomile 50gm FLUFF COAT Relieves Use after bathing as a complete conditioner. All natural emollients make for an easier brush out. Especially effective on wire haired dogs. As a spot treatment directly on mattes and tangle. Essential oil of lavender helps to calm of your dog.

As a spot detangler on a completely dry dog; No need to wash, rinse and repeat, simply apply all4pets cream conditioner on the stubborn tangle for tug-free brushing.For all dogs all4pets cream conditioner is great for any breed of dog but is especially effective on wire haired breeds bringing a new softness and manageability to their coats.

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