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    Magic Fur-Talc shampoo-200ML(For Puppies & Kittens)


    Magic Fur-Talc shampoo is specially formulated for puppies & kittens. Very soft and mild cleansing shampoo for puppy’s & kitten’s coat. Non-irritating to eyes and skin. Leaves gentle odor of delicate talc

    The shampoo’s formula is able to brighten and highlight the coat of your cat or dog. The fragrance of this shampoo will smell great well after the bath.It is safe for young pets: You can use the Magic Fur-Talc shampoo and kitten shampoo on pets as young as 6 weeks of age.

    It enhances coat’s color: The top performance of all4pets dog shampoo makes sure your pet’s coat remains lustrous and stay beautiful color highlights.