All along this time, puppies are undergoing important processes such as mental advancement, joint growth and eye development. They may also evolve allergies during this time and show signs of having a sensitive stomach. In short, this is a stage where you’ll need to be anxious with your dog and make sure you’re feeding your pet the apt diet.

The puppy stage lasts for around two years in total with the height of puppyhood at around 7 months. Whether you’re feeding your first puppy or nourishing an entire junk, you’ll want to be assured that you’re granting your dog the elite chance of getting the integral nutrients they need in the first stages of development.

Despite the gravity of the challenge, choosing puppy food can be relatively simple.

Every dog lover is always confused how to choose dog food for puppies. Here we give you few tips to choose right food for your puppies:-


Your four-legged pooch can eat both moist and dry food. However, puppies should be fed four times per day – as opposed to the two meals per day rule for adult dogs. As such, you’ll need to give your puppy plenty of opportunities to fuel up. This doesn’t mean puppies eat more than average canines. Instead, they need much smaller amounts of food more frequently. You’ll gradually need to increase the grams of food you give to your puppy depending on their weight and age.

All4pets provide healthy and good quality dry dog food. Different types of dog food are available like dry food, wet or canned food or semi-moist food. Dry food usually comprise of high protein legume and nearly 6% to 10%. Dry dog food is conducive, affordable and comfortable in storing and feeding. Whereas canned or wet dog food contains 60% to 78% which is significantly higher in moisture than dry or semi food. This kind of dog food increase palatability and are of high energy. Semi-moist food contains nearly 20% to 40% of water by weight, making it more extravagant per energy calorie than dry food. They are lightly cooked and quickly sealed in vacuum package. Different types of diet are being followed like raw dog diet, low protein diet, high protein diet, hypoallergenic diet, grain free and low-carbohydrate diet and vegan dog diet. Numerous common humans food and household indigestible are toxic to dogs so proper diet and products should be followed for healthy dog life.


Since your focus will be on feeding your puppy the correct amount of food, you’ll want to stick to the same food source to make this job simpler. It’s easier for dogs to build a stable relationship with food if they eat a uniform meal that has the right balance of protein and fat, as well as a meal that’s packed full of nutrients.

If you pick a dog food type and then decide to change it, increasing the weight of food will become complex since the nutritional value of each food will vary.

Since not all foods are born equal switching the same amount of food from one brand to the other could be the equivalent of eating a handful of raspberries or a handful of chocolate.


The best dog food for puppies is always natural. Since you can’t switch up your puppies food, you’ll want to start with a solid foundation that has no artificial ingredients or hidden fillers. You can go with all4pets puppy food that is of good quality.

It takes dogs longer to digest food – even when they’re puppies. This means dogs can’t handle a chemical blend of foods as this will easily upset their stomach and cause all sorts of digestive problems.

Spotting all-natural food is easy, so long as you don’t get sucked in by marketing.


However, training treats should be low in fat especially for puppies as the bulk of your training will take place during these early stages of development. It’s easy to over feed dogs with treats and accidentally take them above the recommended threshold. Puppy food is loaded with higher fat quantity than average dog food to help puppies to gain weight. This means puppies don’t need any extra fat during the course of the day.

When it comes to training with food, you’ll want to follow all the same principles as you would your regular kibble and avoid varying the type of treats you use. While this might sound boring to you, uniformity is better for your dog’s gut health and obedience training progress.

All4pets gives you healthy and best dog treats

  • We also have pharma salmon dog treats, Pharma smoky bacon dog treats sweet melon, Creamy mango, Chicken liver, Italian salami, buttery pumpkin, fresh strawberry and chunky banana & peanut butter dog treats. All these dog treats are crunchy and also high in good nutrients. At all4pets we prefer food products free from addictive’s, preservatives and colours.


However, your dog’s relationship with food is just as mental as it is physical. Even if you have the finest dog food to hand, your dog could develop bad eating habits if its mental relationship with food is compromised.

You should make a strict schedule for puppy feeding with on-the-dot meal times. These help to establish routine aiding digestion and mentality towards food. If your puppy doesn’t show interest in food for fifteen minutes after mealtime has begun you should then remove this food to avoid grazing.

So, these were important tips that you need to keep in mind while feeding your puppies!


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